Odds are that you’ve got better things to do with your time than obsess over your finances. That’s where we come in. We obsess for you. Based on your aspirations, we can help orchestrate your entire financial picture. And with our expertise, we can turn your goals into reality.


Family Office Services

Just as with our traditional advisory services, we offer customized solutions through our family office services. We strategically work toward your family’s goals and aspirations. From portfolio management to cash flow analysis, and from bill processing to trust services and private foundation management, we tailor our services to meet your needs and maximize your returns.



Working closely in coordination with other advisors, our team of financial specialists assists you in the following key areas:

  • Investment management and portfolio construction
  • Financial independence planning
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Corporate trustee services
  • Education and goal-oriented planning
  • Foundation management and charitable giving
  • Business investment analysis and succession planning
  • Life and disability insurance consulting
  • Personal budgeting and cash flow
  • Bill processing
  • Personal financial statements

Portfolio Management

CI RGT Portfolio Management provides investment management services for our clients following a thorough review of their goals, risk profile, and need for income and growth. We prepare a detailed investment plan and implement it over time to optimize performance and reduce risk.


Our investment philosophy is grounded in the importance of asset allocation. We create balanced, well-diversified portfolios that can enable clients to capitalize on opportunities in a variety of investment environments.


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Asset allocation is the overwhelming factor in determining a portfolio’s long-term performance and volatility.  Identifying the proper asset allocation and understanding how it may change over time is essential.


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When executed properly, diversification can reduce risk, mitigate portfolio declines, and improve a portfolio’s ability to compound.


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We utilize outside investment managers to increase objectivity and eliminate conflicts. This enhances our ability to leverage the expertise and experience of investment talent.


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With a flexible mindset, we are not anchored to one specific style of investing but are free to consider new tools, alternatives, and innovative strategies in our pursuit of achieving client objectives.


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Our portfolio communication and reporting is clear, concise, and consistent. We are available to meet with our clients at their convenience to review all aspects of their portfolio and financial world.



The first step on the path to getting where you want to go starts with an honest conversation.