Our size is our strength

We’re a small firm by design, with a limited number of clients, whose goal is to produce better than average results for those families who have entrusted us with their money. In 2022, we partnered with CI Financial to become a partner firm of CI Private Wealth. CI is uniquely positioned to complement and expand on our strengths. As a permanent strategic partner, CI is committed to investing in our business, while enabling us to maintain—and even amplify—the essence of who we are.

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We focus on the right results for you

At CI Matrix Private Wealth, we believe that if you invest the way everyone else does, you will get merely average results. Instead, we present you with a range of ideas and together decide on the approach that makes the most sense for you. This approach has helped us to create highly satisfied clients and build enduring relationships across market cycles and generations, respectively.

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A team approach

We believe that teamwork divides the challenge and multiplies the success. Our team of close-knit, seasoned professionals provide the personal attention you deserve, learning everything they can about you and what matters to you. We collaborate closely to help you navigate through important life events, manage your wealth, and secure your legacy.

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