Wealth management designed to fit your needs

At CI Matrix Private Wealth, we know that wealth management is about far more than what financial instruments you own. That is why we look beyond investments to provide holistic advice and coordinated strategies to fit your needs.



At CI Matrix Private Wealth, our strength is in our smaller size. Because of it, we are able to foster close relationships with our clients and pursue unique investment opportunities. And because of our partnership with CI Private Wealth, we are able to create solutions for even the most complex of challenges.


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We construct

Portfolios with the risk and reward criteria we believe can enable you to comfortably maintain your asset allocation, even during difficult markets.

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We diversify

Across a broad spectrum of asset classes, always including current income and often using alternatives like hedge funds or private partnerships, because we believe they can reduce volatility, enhance returns, and offer the best ideas in the investment world.

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We select

The managers we believe are specialists in their asset classes, have proven track records through down markets, add value above passive alternatives—and who we can rely on to provide a free flow of information about their strategy and team.

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We manage

Portfolios actively, constantly monitoring them and tactically adjusting them to reflect changing market conditions, client needs and available opportunities, as appropriate.



A holistic perspective

We regularly review your insurance, estate plans, charitable giving plans, taxes and more—collaborating with your other experts to ensure that decisions are always made with your goals in mind.



Discover a profoundly different wealth management experience