Vivek Jindal

Chief Investment Officer

Vivek is a self-proclaimed history nerd. It doesn’t matter the medium: documentaries; books; podcasts—Vivek is totally absorbed by things that happened in the past. The love of history came from his father, so it holds a special place in his heart as one of the biggest things they bonded over as Vivek was growing up. As Chief Investment Officer of the firm, a love of history turns out to be a real asset as it helps to give Vivek additional perspective as he works with his investment team to discover new managers and design portfolios for our clients.

Vivek brings an interesting set of experiences that inform the work he does at the firm. Whether as a portfolio analyst at Corbin Capital Partners, where he led development and implementation of investment strategy with the CIO, or at Blackstone, where he was actively engaged in the day-to-day evaluation, selection, and monitoring of hedge fund investments, or at the Shusterman Family office, where he managed a multi-asset class, multi-billion dollar investment portfolio, Vivek brings with him deep understanding and cutting edge access to the most interesting investments for our clients.

Partnerships and empowerment are two of Vivek’s fundamental operating principals. He partners and empowers our investment team to discover nuances in our investment platform that helps accurately manage the risk budget in our client portfolios. He also encourages his team to discover new and interesting investment horizons so that firm clients will have the most complete access to investments they are unlikely to see elsewhere (and work best for them). Vivek also speaks of creating an amazing and lasting partnership with his wife with whom he is raising two sons.


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