Paul Lee, Ph.D.

Vice President

Some of us are born and simply see a world of symphonies. Whether it be the music created by a violin, an aerial view of the maze of tracks on an expertly traversed ski slope, or the molecular scaffolding of connective cartilage, Paul has been a composer in all facets of life.  In fact, he is our first team member to hold a patent!

After Paul received his PhD in Biomedical engineering, he found his way into a variety of professional endeavors ranging from biomedical engineering, to venture capital, to his current passion, data science. He looks at the “technology stack” of a company as his next symphony and are excited to have him composing at the firm.

Paul’s role focuses on managing the flow of data in and out of the firm, ranging from our portfolio reporting systems to managing our IT infrastructure. He is able to orchestrate a connectivity and unified language between our disparate technology platforms, to make them all work together in a seamless and efficient manner—always with an eye toward the highest level of security and privacy protocols.

Paul received his BS from Rutgers, his MS from NYU and his PhD from Stevens Institute of Technology. While not carving up the slopes or his favorite string instrument, Paul can be found spending time with his wife Sunny and his two daughters in New Jersey.


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