Our Innovation Lab

At CI KORE Private Wealth Management, we don’t believe in the status quo. So, we created a think tank—known as our Innovation Lab—to continually advance how we approach wealth and investment management.


Innovative ways to define alpha


While others often define alpha by performance alone, we define it by repeatable, fact-based advantages.


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Information asymmetry

We have the information and knowledge advantage we believe better enables us to determine worth and make decisions in more opaque markets.

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Through our extensive network and deep relationships, we are able to access strategies and managers many others cannot.

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Taxes and structure

We focus on tax efficiencies, fee reduction and active tax management to minimize taxes and maximize returns.





Innovative ways to make a difference

We create new ways for you to make differences in your community and the world by investing with impact. When it comes to giving, we help you understand which assets are most efficient to donate, how to structure donations, and which organizations are best aligned to support and deliver the highest impact in the future.



Discover how we can help you create true wealth.