Mike Theesfeld, CIMA

Vice President
Private Wealth Advisor

How does one turn a degree in Atmospheric Science and aspirations of teaching Mathematics into a decade as a futures trader and a nearly 20-year career in finance? For Mike, it all started with 2 + 2 = 11 (if that doesn’t make any sense, he’ll be happy to explain!)

A bit of a math geek with a healthy compulsion for running (and cycling and climbing and just about any other way you can think of covering ground), Mike has been an uphill/endurance athlete for more than half his life. Time spent in the mountains, from Alaska to Europe and throughout the lower 48, has taught him valuable lessons on teamwork, collaboration, resilience, and persistence—all attributes that have made Mike an asset to our clients and the broader firm community.  Seeing the big picture and playing the long game is a fundamental approach Mike takes to the things that matter most to him. And while he knows he’s still got some big days left in him, Mike most enjoys (and looks forward to) the adventures he takes with his family.

What matters most to others is where Mike spends much of his time here at the firm. Meaningful conversations—listening to everyone’s story, learning their “Why”— is at the top of his to do list. All the chapters of a person or family’s lives are important—the joy, the sorrow or regret, the excitement and energy, success, and failure, what keeps someone up at night—are things that Mike infuses into the deep analysis he uses to provide advice to firm clients. His financial acumen, market experience and empathy combine to bring needed expertise and advice to our clients.  To relate all of this to his love of climbing, sometimes he’s asked to lead, and sometimes he “hands the rack” over to his colleagues. As a collective, the team has seen so much and recognizes how unique, how personal, and how important each client experience is.  Mike is excited to be a part of the approach we take to listen, think, solve and, ultimately, serve.


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