Erica Franckowiak

Private Wealth Relationship Manager

While many college students head to the airport post college for some type of “backpacking” trip, Erica headed to NYC to join our team. To most that may not seem like an exciting culmination of four years of hard work, but to Erica it was. From the time she turned 18 years old, she aligned her time and activity to position herself for this exact one-way flight to NYC to start her career in financial services. The team and our clients are lucky she did.

Erica’s unrelenting devotion to our clients is palpable. Her true north is simple: make our clients’ lives easier and take every possible route before telling a client “we can’t.” Erica delivers impeccable client service, transforming many daily activities into the dose of calm they seek out in life. Whether it be a monthly wire to a loved one for at-home care or a quick and accurate explanation of a less-than-obvious entry into a client’s account activity, Erica treats each client interaction as the most important one of the day. Her experience in front of hundreds of people during her competitive cheerleading days prepared her to always have a positive exterior, regardless of what may be taking place beneath the surface of that seemingly perfectly built and supported pyramid.

While still a Floridian at heart, Erica has fully embraced the NYC lifestyle, taking advantage of all that it has to offer, including many direct flights back home during cold, winter weekends.


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