Eric Bodner

Private Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Eric’s drive to research, to find and connect information and people, is ingrained from his early days as a municipal bond trader at Paine Webber (now UBS). At that time, data aggregation did not exist, and research was the unfair competitive advantage. He continues to instill this discipline in his work and in his colleagues, going beyond the surface to uncover synergies and solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.  In fact, Eric’s fascination with investments prompts his colleagues to joke that he takes municipal bond research with him to read on the beach during vacations for relaxation.

Eric’s focus at the firm is client relations, specifically in entertainment, real estate, private equity and hedge funds. He also runs the firm’s multibillion-dollar municipal bond asset management business. This business is run in-house and is one of our differentiators. He served as the fixed income strategist for the Bodner Sax Group at Merrill Lynch for many years, after moving with his colleagues from UBS, where they were among the first to join the firm’s ultra-high-net-worth initiative. Eric also developed Bodner Sax’s municipal bond portfolio analysis software, which has served the firm for 15 years.

Eric was a member of the board of trustees of Newark Beth Israel Hospital (NBI) as well as the Health Care Foundation of New Jersey. The Health Care Foundation was formed with proceeds from the sale of NBI to Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Eric and his wife, Barbara, have three grown children and live in New York City and East Hampton.


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