Elizabeth Sidun

Private Wealth Relationship Manager

Liza is always on the go.  Most mornings you can find her doing something active.  Biking, swimming, running, Pilates or HIIT classes, it’s a wonder that she has any energy left to carry her through the day and yet, she brings an amazing amount of enthusiasm to her work at Kore.  Interestingly, Liza never imagined herself working in the financial industry, but her predisposition to developing relationships with people fit beautifully into the world of wealth management.   

Whether working internally with advisors and analysts at Kore or the fascination she has in hearing and understanding the paths of our client founders and entrepreneurs, Liza appreciates the role we play in bringing order to their sometimes-complicated lives.  Constantly trying to refine the ultimate service model, Liza looks forward to helping our clients close on a home purchase, fund their favorite charities and answer questions on anything that makes their lives easier. 


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