Anna Waldron, CFA

Assistant Vice President

Julia Child, James Beard, Bobby Flay. We imagine Anna’s name being right up there with those amazing chefs if she had chosen to take her career in that direction. From an early age, being with her Mom in the kitchen turned her into an absolute “foodie” later in life. Cooking sparks Anna’s creativity in ways that force her to embrace spontaneity.  When things don’t necessarily go to plan, she sees them as magical moments or in the worst (inedible) cases, a wonderful learning experience.

Fortunately for the firm, Anna decided to turn her skills in the direction of wealth management where her love for organization and planning coincide with her role in positively impacting our clients’ lives. Like assembling an expertly delivered meal, she loves the intellectual challenge of customizing asset allocations for clients, taking into consideration their current stage of life, their preferences, and near and long-term goals, leading ultimately to constructing the appropriate mix of asset classes and underlying investments. She also recognizes and integrates the complexities and power of estate planning, which can impact clients’ lives today and in the future. Anna works closely with her teammates to help entrepreneurs, celebrities and financiers get back extra time so they can focus on the things they are most passionate about, usually their businesses and their families.


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