We are a fee-only, interdisciplinary wealth management firm offering personalized solutions and advanced investing centered around you. In 2022, we partnered with CI Financial to become a partner firm of CI Private Wealth. CI is uniquely positioned to complement and expand on our strengths. As a permanent strategic partner, CI is committed to investing in our business, while enabling us to maintain—and even amplify—the essence of who we are.



A two-way interview

You want to select advisors you can rely on. We want to select clients who are invested in—and value—what we do. Once we find each other, we work together closely to find and deliver value in all areas of your life.



Our interests are aligned with yours

We only make money from the fees you pay us, rather than from any products or services we recommend. We keep our focus entirely on helping you redefine, reimagine and realize what it means to be truly wealthy—so you can focus your energy on what matters most to you.


Doing right by our community

At CI KORE Private Wealth, we believe in giving back. We are committed to supporting organizations with missions that align with the issues we care about.

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Discover how we can help you create true wealth.