Institutional asset management

CI Inverness Private Wealth has served pension funds, endowments, and foundations for the past 50 years.


We work collectively to create a portfolio that suits the needs of our client.



Gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s mission, investment objectives, liquidity requirements, time horizon and risk tolerance.


Set policy

Establish a tailored investment policy statement that is aligned with your objectives.


Asset allocation

Identify appropriate strategic asset allocation and tactical ranges in each asset class.


Security selection

Select individual security investments across appropriate asset classes.

How we select securities

Our Investment Team uses a long-term time horizon to select investments, and to determine the relative attractiveness of each asset class and the different sectors within those classes. In addition to fundamental and macroeconomic research, we utilize strategic analysis to assist in the allocation process.

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Equity Security Selection Process


Equity Security Selection process

We begin with quantitative modeling to reduce the investment universe to a manageable subset, then we vet and narrow potential investment ideas using fundamental research. Then, the Investment Policy Committee will conduct in-depth analysis and monitoring of specific security recommendations. From there, our Investment Managers craft each client's equity portfolio to the diversification and risk levels as dictated by the client's investment policy.

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Fixed Income Security Selection Process


Fixed Income Security Selection Process

As detailed in the client’s investment policy, portfolios are customized to account for portfolio duration, security concentration, and rating agency quality. The mix may include governments, municipals, agencies, preferred stocks, corporates, mortgages, and asset-backed securities.

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Cash Management


Cash Management

All client cash is held in money market funds with the particular fund/instrument determined by the team within the boundaries of custodial offerings. Cash equivalent investments (treasury bills and commercial paper) are utilized to increase returns within specific risk and return parameters. Our objective is for every investment dollar to be working and adding value, while taking into account future maturities and client potential need for funds.

process diagram

process diagram


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