Slow and steady wins the race

Our philosophy reflects the characteristics of the Galapagos tortoise we are named for. We aim to be steady and methodical, and to help your wealth grow to material size that can provide for you and yours for a very long time. And we focus on protecting your wealth during tough periods like a tortoise’s shell protects him in hostile environments.


Just like the tortoise, we focus on:


  • Growth

    Like the tortoise’s size multiplies over time, we believe wealth should compound the same way.


  • Adaptation

    We balance a strategic long-term approach with the ability to make tactical changes over the short term.

  • Protection

    We focus on protecting clients during down markets, because we believe that is the key to driving long-term wealth.


Our investment philosophy

At CI Galapagos Private Wealth, our focus is to preserve and grow your wealth for you and your future generations.


We balance

The return you desire with your goals, risk tolerance, future cash flow needs, concentration risks, and more to create the asset allocation we believe will best meet your objectives.


We build

And customize portfolios using traditional and alternative strategies to seek to provide the risk-adjusted, after-tax returns you desire.


We conduct

Extensive, proprietary quantitative and qualitative analysis to attempt to find the funds that meet our rigorous standards—and yours.


We work

Transparently—keeping you informed about the markets, your portfolio, your tax situation and your progress toward each of your goals.




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