At CI Galapagos Private Wealth, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing your wealth. That’s why we aim to get to know each family member personally. We truly listen to discover everything from the passions that drive you each day and the concerns keeping you up at night to the distinct dreams you have for the future. We work together with the goal to create the custom, comprehensive wealth plan that can help plan for your future from a 360-degree perspective.


We use a detailed discovery and ongoing planning process to help you define, prioritize and plan for everything that matters to you. Your plan then becomes a living, breathing reference point that we can use to measure when you are on track, when you may need to change direction, where you may be able to reduce risk—and more.



We begin by learning everything we can about your needs, concerns, priorities, goals and aspirations.



We analyze your financials, investments, concentration risks and tax profile, while conducting a gap assessment.



We create your personalized wealth plan, Investment Policy Statement and recommend an asset allocation offering a tax efficient transition to our management.



We put your wealth and investment plans into practice, building your portfolio and collaborating with your other advisors as needed.



We continually monitor your portfolio to ensure it is performing to our standards—and yours, and regularly review your financial plan to ensure you stay on track towards your goals.


Discover a profoundly different wealth management experience