We believe that advanced wealth management requires a customized, integrated approach that is risk aware, tax sensitive, and delivered by expert professionals. For nearly a century, we have followed principles of investing that emphasize rigorous analysis, avoidance of unnecessary risk and the pursuit of consistent, long-term returns. Our open architecture, tax-aware global portfolios combine custom-built active strategies with tax-efficient passive solutions.

Investment philosophy


We know each investor is unique. Our experienced wealth professionals draw from the insights of our vast global research teams to develop a customized strategy for your investment goals.


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a long-term perspective helps to capitalize on overreactions of short-term investors, while helping to avoid risks.


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extensive research to provide us with a deep understanding of each potential investment from multiple points of view.


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taxes in multiple ways, through directly held securities, opportunistic loss harvesting, gains deferrals and more because we believe it is critical to the pursuit of long-term wealth creation.



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transparently – keeping you informed about the good and the bad with the markets, your portfolio, your tax situation and your progress toward each of your unique goals.




From your first meeting with us, we start developing a holistic plan that's personalized to your unique needs. We use a detailed discovery and ongoing planning process to help you define, prioritize and plan for the people, causes and communities you care about. Your plan then becomes a living, breathing reference point that we can use to measure when you are on track, when you may need to change direction, where you may be able to reduce risk—and more.



In our initial meetings, you will be introduced to your CI Eaton Private Wealth team.



Through our discussions, we develop an understanding of your specific concerns and goals, how you think about investing, and what outcomes would make you feel secure and successful.



We will agree upon a strategic ordering of tasks to address your goals and concerns, as well as changing legislation, market conditions or challenging exposures.



We create a framework to illustrate your current financial position relative to the goals you wish to achieve. This view into your circumstances and objectives will inform our recommendation for your overall asset allocation.



We will analyze your existing investment portfolio, concentration risk and tax profile to arrive at an asset allocation offering a tax efficient transition to our management.



We review your documents and create a plan to address risks and effect improvements.



As life, markets and environments change, we will work with you to make adjustments that can help reduce risks or capture future opportunities.


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