Our thoughtful approach

At CI Dowling & Yahnke Private Wealth, everything begins with listening and planning. Through a detailed discovery and ongoing planning process, we help you define, prioritize, and plan for financially supporting everything and everyone that matters to you. Your plan then becomes a living, breathing reference point that we can use to measure when you are on track, when you may need to change direction, where you may be able to reduce risk—and more.




  • Looking at where you, your family and your business are financially

  • Discovering what matters most to you to find the meaning behind the money

  • Defining, understanding and prioritizing each of your wealth goals



  • Develop a personalized financial plan designed to help you reach your goals, while still enabling you to enjoy life today

  • Develop education funding plans, retirement plans, tax management plans, succession plans, legacy plans, and more depending on your distinct goals and needs

  • Develop the asset allocation recommendations and potential portfolio



  • Present the plans and ensure we are aligned on short-, medium-, and long-term goals

  • Determine if we need to revise your goals or add new ones

  • Meet with your other advisors to ensure everything is aligned with your holistic needs, and to help make sure all decisions will be made in concert



  • Initiate your financial plan

  • Build and fund your investment portfolio

  • Work with your other advisors to execute your estate plan, charitable giving plan, and more



  • On a regular basis, evaluate your progress according to the plans

  • Adjust the plan and investments as markets evolve and life changes

  • Inform you, your accountant and your attorney of notable developments

  • Help you navigate new options and opportunities


At CI Downing & Yahnke Private Wealth we create and manage a customized portfolio built with the objective to help you achieve your unique wealth goals. We follow an evidence-based approach, focus on controlling the controllable, and balance the returns you desire with the risks required to get there. Because we know how crucial asset allocation is to success, we create your unique asset allocation very thoughtfully, diversifying on multiple levels. And, we evaluate returns against your goals—and after costs—to get a truer picture of investment performance.



When it comes to investing, one size does NOT fit all. Our investment management process begins with understanding you and building a customized investment portfolio that can help you achieve all of your distinct goals. We also believe in the critical importance of:


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It is easy to underestimate the impact costs can have on your portfolio, but it is not wise. In order to help minimize costs, we keep a sharp eye on trading costs, expense ratios and other fund fees, and we keep our advisory fee competitive.

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Like fees, taxes can eat away at the value of your portfolio. We seek to keep up-to-date with changing tax laws and focus on minimizing the taxes you pay on your investments.

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Emotions are rarely a good guide for investment decisions—and buying and selling based upon them can erode your returns over time. We monitor your portfolio daily and buy and sell actively to bring everything back in line with your plan.

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We keep you informed about what you own, why you own it, what it costs and how it’s performing

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Our Investment Committee comprised of numerous CFA charterholders from our advisory and trading teams regularly reviews investment vehicles and allocations to create our investment portfolio models.

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The roadmap that outlines your risk tolerance, tax considerations, liquidity needs, and other constraints.


Discover how we can help you on your journey.