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At CI Budros Ruhlin Roe Private Wealth, we look beyond investments to provide holistic advice and coordinated strategies for your wealth picture, no matter how complex it may be.


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Financial Independence

Financial independence

You want to grow and protect your wealth so you can enjoy true financial independence. Our experienced advisors work side-by-side with you and your family to map out the best ways to achieve your goals. We work closely with you to understand the meaning behind the money so we can help you define—and reach for—true success.


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Risk Management

Risk management

Every day you face risks that can lead you away from achieving your goals. Through our fee-only business model, we provide the insurance and investment recommendations we believe are truly in your best interests, no matter what.  



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Tax Planning

Tax planning 

We consider the impact of taxes on every financial decision. We can work proactively with your tax advisors to execute on appropriate tax strategies designed to help you keep more of your wealth.    


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Education Planning

Education planning

We work to understand your goals for your child or grandchild’s education and can structure traditional and non-traditional education funding options that can help make those dreams a reality.



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Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Estate planning and wealth transfer

With a highly credentialed team listening to what is important to you and your family, we can help you navigate what can be an emotional process. We can guide you in developing a personalized path to share your wealth—and your values—with the loved ones, organizations, and causes that matter most to you.



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Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropic planning

Our advisors, some of whom are Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy, know the appropriate strategies and resources to help you enhance the impact you can have on the organizations closest to your heart.




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