A team approach

Rather than working with a single advisor, you gain the collective expertise, experience and best thinking of our entire firm. We work together with resources across the CI Private Wealth network to solve your unique financial needs and goals.



Our team has an uncommon depth of expertise and breadth of experience. We combine our intellectual capital to manage your wealth from a collective perspective. Simply click on a name to get to know our team.



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Extensive credentials working for you

We have spent thousands of hours becoming experts at numerous aspects of a family’s financial life in order to help ensure our recommendations—as well as client decisions—are based on real data. And we have the credentials to prove it. In addition to MBAs and JDs, our team includes:

A designation given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants that distinguishes those as a trusted financial advisor whose aim is to help individuals, businesses, and other organizations plan and reach their financial goals.

What it means to you:

I can provide a unique perspective not only on your tax situation, but on the financial health of potential investments.

This credential identifies professionals with specialized knowledge from tax and retirement planning to special needs advising, wealth management, insurance, and more.

What it means to you:

I can help you simplify and plan for even the most complicated of financial planning issues.

This certification identifies individuals who have met rigorous professional standards in 72 areas of financial expertise, and must uphold the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, and confidentiality when providing clients with financial advice.

What it means to you:

I understand the entire spectrum of financial concerns and can help build a plan to address all of them.

One of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession, the CFA credential identifies individuals with advanced investment analysis capabilities who have been recognized globally for their commitment to ethics and professionalism.

What it means to you:

I understand how to identify, analyze, select and monitor the investments that can help you reach your goals.

This credential identifies professionals with expertise in both the arts and sciences of philanthropic planning, including taxation, finance, fundraising, purposeful planning, family dynamics, psychology, and strategic philanthropy.

What it means to you:

I am able to integrate charitable planning into your overall estate and business plan to help create positive impact for you, your heirs and your community.

Advisors who earn the CEPA designation have the ability to holistically serve business owners’ needs regardless of the timing of their exit. CEPAs lead teams, enable educated decisions, and help to try to create positive change and successful exits for their clients.

What it means to you:

I can help you maximize the value of your business and transition your business on your terms.

RICP designations holders have earned the skills to build sustainable, holistic retirement plans including areas of focus in estate planning techniques, portfolio assessment, personal finance best practices, health expense budget creation, home equity strategies, and more.

What it means to you:

I bring insight into retirement portfolio management techniques, annuities, employer-sponsored benefits plans, Social Security issues and other key topics related to retirement.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designees can demonstrate that they have met educational, competence, conduct, and ethical standards to carry out a fiduciary standard of care and serve the best interests of their clients.

What it means to you:

I am held to a higher standard of excellence and always work in your best interests.

APMA advisors are educated on the finer points of portfolio creation, augmentation, and maintenance. APMA advisors have completed a course of study encompassing, among others, client assessment and suitability, risk/return analysis, taxation of investments, bond and equity portfolios, modern portfolio theory and behavioral finance.

What it means to you:

I have specialized knowledge in asset allocation, portfolio construction and more.

This designation identifies CPAs who have specialized experience covering the planning process and professional responsibilities and disciplines that make up personal financial planning. Included among these are tax, estate, retirement, investments, and insurance planning as well as a few niche areas like employee benefits, education, and elder planning.

What it means to you:

I have both extensive tax expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of financial planning that can help you create more holistic plans.

The CPFA designation demonstrates an advisor’s knowledge, expertise, and commitment to working with retirement plans. CPFA holders also display the expertise required to act as a plan fiduciary or help plan fiduciaries manage their roles and responsibilities.

What it means to you:

I can act as a fiduciary to your retirement plan and/or can help you meet your own fiduciary requirements.


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