We recognize that evolution is the very nature of investment management and that new discoveries are made every day. The real challenge comes in separating the worthwhile from the worthless. That’s where our time-tested philosophy and process come in.



We look at your vision and goals holistically in order to help you plan to get you to your dream life.

Our guiding principles


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A multifactor approach

And four factors—value, momentum, profitability and size—have been proven to combine the performance potential of active management with the low cost and other advantages of passive management. We consider each of them carefully in our process.


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Behavioral finance

We draw from research in this evolving field to help you better understand the biases and behaviors that often shape the market and your decisions.


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Asset placement

All investments are not treated the same from a tax perspective. Reducing the impact of taxes on portfolio performance requires careful consideration of the accounts being used to buy and sell investments.


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Low expenses

Keeping costs as low as possible is key to enhancing long-term returns. We offer access to institutional shares that have lower expenses, helping to drive down your costs.


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Withdrawal strategies

Organizing a withdrawal plan and taking money out in the most cost-effective, tax-sensitive way, can add to your bottom line. We help you spend money on what you want, rather than taxes.


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We take into account the daily movement of all assets to determine if it makes sense to rebalance based upon performance, rather than the calendar.



Intelligent implementation

By intelligently implementing an investment strategy, you reap the benefits of lower costs, lower taxes, better risk management, and a net result of improving the performance of your portfolio.


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