We believe you make better decisions when you have a plan. Your financial plan is the foundation for every part of your financial life and is a living, breathing document that evolves as your needs do.



Financial planning provides a framework for how to make great decisions about your money.

Full Life Summit

We work closely with you using an interactive financial planning process. We are able to immediately see how potential changes could impact your probability of success. What do you need to change to get to 98%? How much would traveling the world each year change your confidence zone? We can answer these—and other—questions together.

confidence meter


Financial independence

At BDF, the process of bringing your ideal retirement to reality, starts today, regardless of your age. No matter your vision, we help you bring it to life.


Tax planning

Most people think of taxes only during filing season. We look at how taxes impact all of the financial and investing decisions ahead of you today and tomorrow.


Trust and estate planning

Decisions you make today can have a profound impact on the legacy you leave tomorrow. We help navigate you through the complex legal and tax issues surrounding estate planning, so you can protect your loved ones and shape your legacy for the future.


Risk management

After years of working hard to achieve financial peace of mind, you never want to lose the sense of security you now have. We serve as an objective advisor, helping you to understand your exposure, risks, and the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Charitable Giving

A gift in itself is a wonderful thing, but a gift done in a way that maximizes the benefits for you, your family and the charity is even better. By building your gifting plan into your overall wealth management strategy, your legacy can both reflect your values and leave a lasting impact on the people and causes you care about.


College Planning

College planning is constantly changing. We have helped countless families navigate the evolving process and prepare for the road ahead. The plans we create have the flexibility to make your family’s educational dreams a reality.


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