We understand the growing complexities that come with increasing wealth. Through a detailed discovery and ongoing planning process, we work to help you bring more meaning to your life by defining, prioritizing and planning for everything that matters to you.


The CI Barrett Process

We truly listen, asking ever deeper questions to understand not only the big picture, but each nuanced detail of your personal and professional life until we have a 360-degree perspective. We combine our extensive knowledge of capital markets and financial planning to build the one, integrated wealth plan you need to reach each of your unique financial, business and life goals. We work closely with you and your other trusted advisors to ensure decisions are made in concert to help keep you on plan. And as markets, lives and economies evolve, we adjust your plan and help you evaluate new choices for the future.



  • Looking at where you, your family and your business are financially
  • Discovering what matters most to you to find the meaning behind the money
  • Defining, understanding and prioritizing each of your goals


  • Develop a personalized financial plan designed to help you reach your goals, while still enabling you to enjoy life today
  • Develop education funding plans, retirement plans, tax management plans, succession plans, legacy plans, and more depending on your distinct goals and needs
  • Develop the asset allocation recommendations and potential portfolio


  • Present the plans and ensure we are aligned with your short-, medium-, and long-term goals
  • Determine if we need to revise your goals or add new ones
  • Meet with your other advisors to ensure everything is aligned with your holistic needs, and to help make sure all decisions will be made in concert


  • Initiate your financial plan
  • Build and fund your investment portfolio
  • Work with your other advisors to execute your tax strategy, legacy plan, and more


  • On a regular basis, evaluate your progress according to the plans
  • Adjust the plans as your goals and needs change over time
  • Create additional plans as needed (to pass on the additional wealth generated by the portfolio, for example, or to establish charitable legacies as you age, and more)
  • Inform you, your accountant and your attorney of notable developments
  • Help you navigate new options and opportunities


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